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Predator BK Rush+ Jump/Break Cues


The BK Rush Plus jump/break cue demonstrates true flexibility by harnessing the tactical prowess of two cues in one, with interchangeable forearm and handle. Tap into the raw kinetic energy behind BK Rush technology for the best Break performance in the market, and remove the back handle to jump over obstacles that stand in your way. It comes paired with our Revo BK-R carbon fiber reinforced shaft, for effortless transfer of power.

Looking for the convenience of a jump/break cue to save room in your case? The world's best break cue now has been released in a jump break cue version.

If you are looking for the very best performance on both the break and the jump, then we recommend that you purchase a separate break cue and a separate jump cue.

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The BK-Rush high-performance break cue combines Predator’s proven BK technology with an optimized REVO carbon fiber composite shaft developed for the most powerful breaks to obliterate the competition.