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What is Klarna and Can I use it for anything?

Klarna is a new payment method that allows you to pay for your merch overtime. Basically, yes! We do have a $10 minimal purchase to use it.  Check out our Klarna page for additional information on how to get started.

Does Klarna perform Credit Checks?
Klarna does not perform hard pulls on your credit. They perform soft pulls which does not impact your credit score. The soft pull is required as part of Klarna risk check.

How do refunds work with Klarna?
Refunds are applied to outstanding payments first. Starting with the final payment. The amount of that payment will either be reduced or canceled, depending on the amount of the refund: If the refund amount is greater than the amount outstanding, Klarna will cancel the installments and the remaining amount will be credited back to your original payment method. Please allow up to ten (10) business days for your refund to appear in your statement.

Who Can use Klarna?
In order to use Klarna, you must be either a US or Canadian resident and be 18 years or older. (Some states have additional age restrictions.) That’s it!

How does Klarna Work?

  • Select Klarna as your payment method during checkout.
  • New Klarna customers will need to create a Klarna account, returning Klarna customers will need to login.
  • Klarna will do a soft credit check for approval of the transaction.
  • 25% is due at the time of purchase. Every two weeks, another 25% will be due.
  • Klarna automates the remaining payments through whichever payment method is on file.

Why I was charged an additional Fee?
If you do not pay on time, Klarna will charge you a $10 fee. If you need to modify a payment, Klarna will charge you a $5 fee to make this change. Klarna is interest-free, so if you pay as agreed, you will never pay any extra fees for this service.