Three Predator Players. Two Teams. One Goal.

Posted 11/28/2018 in Events & Features


Jacksonville, Fla., November 28, 2018 – The history books are about to be written for the twenty-fifth time next week as the US takes on Europe in the world-renowned Mosconi Cup. Although the cup has favored Europe the past few years, new U.S.A. blood and coaching styles will be put to the test in the high-intensity matchup.

This year, Predator has 3 brand representatives including the youngest player in Mosconi Cup history, Eklent Kaçi. Although this is Kaçi’s first Mosconi Cup, he’s no stranger to the pressure of major tournaments as he’s ranked number 1 by both the WPA and EPBF.

Alongside Kaçi representing Predator on Team Europe is Albin Ouschan. Albin is also familiar with tough atmospheres, as this is his second straight year making the Mosconi Cup team. Albin follows Kaçi closely in ranking and will surely bring a strong sense of experience to the team.

On Team U.S.A., Predator’s newest face, Tyler Styer, will bear the patch and represent a new generation of players hungry for Mosconi Cup experience.

“Tyler will be a great addition to the USA team,” said Predator VP, Philippe Singer. “I’ve seen him play and couldn’t be more impressed with his abilities.”

As a key sponsor of the Mosconi Cup, Predator has had its share of Mosconi Cup representatives. In fact, 28 different players have worn the Predator patch, which accounts for 97 individual appearances.

“I’m sure it’s often overlooked, but the Predator logo doesn’t just appear without reason at these types of events. Predator strongly believes in giving back to the industry through sponsorships both large and small,” said Predator CEO, Karim Belhaj. “For almost twenty-five years, we’ve been pushing for the elevation of cue sports in every way possible and that’s a mission that will never cease.”

The Mosconi Cup begins on December 4 and will be streamed for free via Facebook Live on Matchroom’s Mosconi Cup official page.

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