Victory through Innovation



Performance is stepping up when the stakes are at their highest. It’s trusting your equipment when you are competing under pressure. Enhancing your performance is what inspires us, drives our research, and defines our mission; to make the best performing low-deflection shafts, playing cues, and break cues in the world.

Predator has led the billiard industry’s technological evolution since its inception in 1994. Our commitment to innovation created a legacy of high performance, supported by scientific discovery and proven results. Greater accuracy, more consistency — so you spend more time running out.

20 Years of Innovation

Revolutionary power unleashed.

Developed utilizing REVO carbon fiber composite shaft technology and Predator’s proven BK technology, the BK-Rush high-performance break cue is not only the most powerful break cue ever, it’s also the most accurate. It obliterates the competition.

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The Next Revolution Begins

In 1994 Predator revolutionized billiards forever with the 10-piece splice low-defection shaft. Two decades later, the next giant leap in billiards technology has arrived with the Predator REVO carbon fiber composite shaft. Constructed of aerospace grade carbon fiber tow, REVO shafts provide pin-point accuracy with lower deflection at both high and low speeds, ultra-efficient energy transfer, uncompromising durability and effortless spin allowing for improved control of the cue ball, and ultimately the table.

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Predator’s commitment to creating the best playing low defection shafts in the world continues with the third generation of the world renowned 314 and Z. Re-engineered from top to bottom with V-Tek front-end construction and materials, iMatch intelligent splice pairing, and the Predator Victory eight-layer premium tip, the third generation of 314 and Z has even less front end mass, increased strength and even better accuracy.

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Designed and developed to provide increased shaft stiffness and velocity with Predator’s proven accuracy and control. Featuring our all-new V-Tek front end technology, iMatch splicing, ProV Taper, and the eight layer Victory Tip, the next evolution in shaft performance has arrived.

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The Next Leap

Safe just isn’t safe anymore. Developed in conjunction with our ground breaking BK3, Air II was designed and developed to get you out of those tricky spots, no matter how you got there in the first place. It’s ready for your next great escape.

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So Powerful It’s Criminal 

Faster, stronger, and more powerful. After more than two years of research and development, mountains of data, and feedback from top Predator Pro’s, we’ve created the world’s best break cue — again. Featuring more than a dozen design changes from our renowned BK2, the new BK3 deploys even more power for that all important first-shot. The motive is simple, kill the competition.

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The Addition of Carbon

Enhancing the feel. Four perfectly formed wedges that fit snugly together, slipped into a sleeve of exotic wood, then reinforced with phenolic, one of the strongest materials on Earth. If you want equipment you can trust, C4+ is an innovation you can’t ignore.

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Shock & Awe in 30-Pieces

All cues are not created equal. Meticulously engineered, obsessively forward-thinking and with unprecedented 30-piece construction, P3 cues have changed the game forever. The customizable Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge™ system means the P3 can be fine-tuned to within a tenth of an ounce, while the 30-piece hard Maple and dense Ash construction combines an astonishingly solid feel, with unparalleled straightness for dead-on accuracy. It’s simply the most consistent playing cue we’ve ever engineered.

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Dazzle with height. Destroy with accuracy.

It’s the first-ever jump cue by Predator. Our front-end technology combines phenolic and carbon fiber in the tip to take your jump height to a whole new level. Furthermore, with the unparalleled flexibility of the three-piece construction, any shot, long or short, is now just a mother step – or another leap – on the road to victory.

Four pieces. One huge breakthrough.

What makes C4 so revolutionary? Its four-piece expertly crafted wedges eliminate the need for the threaded weight bolt that traditionally joins the forearm and handle, making it more stable and solid than a traditional cue. As a result, you will shoot straighter and more accurately, taking your game to the next level.

Breathtaking Accuracy

Both the 3142 and Z2 provide greater control and reduce deflection meaning more possibilities for placement around the table. The more accurate shots you get are due to Predator’s lighter and more flexible shafts. In addition, our unique 10-piece splicing construction eliminates grain directionality for better consistency.

Breakthrough technology.

Accuracy + Speed = Power. Engineered for explosive performance, BK2 delivers speed and power with incredible accuracy. A more forgiving pivot point, cutting-edge shaft design, and a grip that’s the ultimate in playability work together to help you make an awe-inspiring first impression. The game changing combination of phenolic and carbon fiber in the tip plate is the key to maximum energy transfer and speed hitting that rack with more power, every time.

The next step in performance.

This shaft features a strong taper with front end technology designed to reduce cue ball deflection, making it easier to pocket balls using English.

Break with more power.

This is Predator’s first cue engineered specifically for breaking. The additional power and accuracy is the difference between taking control of the table and taking a seat. The tip and ferrule are designed to maximize cue ball speed off the end of your shaft. In addition, the BK is balanced to put as much weight in your grip hand as possible for stability yet keeping it light enough to allow for maximum acceleration.

Quiet beauty. Screaming performance.

The Predator 2 delivers a purer transfer of energy from the finely tuned shaft to your hand. To deliver the unparalleled consistency you deserve, we applied our 10-piece construction to both the shaft and the butt. Unwanted vibration is eliminated by setting both the pin and insert in double linen phenolic. In addition, the weight bolt casing also helps create a solid feel, giving every player the edge that professionals demand.

Turn your cue into an offensive weapon.

Science comes to the table. The Predator 314 is the most revolutionary pool cue ever designed. It’s been engineered, tested, and proven to enhance the four cue performance factors that matter in your game: accuracy, power, shaft, consistency and feel. Predator 314’s grain-aligned 6 and 12 piece shafts are radially laminated to give a 360 degree consistency unequaled in a one-piece shaft. Furthermore, our exclusive ferrule and composite insert allows for natural flex, less buckle, and significantly improved accuracy and power.

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