Predator Pro Team

Darren “Dynamite” Appleton

Plays with: 
Ikon3-4 with REVO Shaft, AirII Jump Cue
Breaks with:
BK-Rush Break Cue
Began playing with Predator in: 

February 8, 1976
Allentown, PA
Pontefract West Yorkshire, England

Social Media:


Tournaments & Titles:

  • 2016 SBE One Pocket Player’s Champion
  • 2015 Chinese 8-Ball World Champion
  • 2015 American 14.1 Champion
  • 2014 World Cup of Pool Champion
  • 2014 Fight Night Intl Six Champion
  • 2014 Accu-Stats All Star Invitational Champion
  • 2014 Accu-Stats 8-Ball Invitational Champion
  • 2014 American 14.1 Champion
  • 2014 Mezz Pro-Am New Jersey State 10 Ball Champion
  • 2014 Dynamite Open Champion
  • 2013 Super Billiards Expo Kamui Straight Pool Champion
  • 2013 World Games Gold Medal Champion
  • 2012 GB9-Ball Tour Pro Cup Champion
  • 4-time European Champion
  • 2-time Euro Tour Champion
  • 5 professional TV Titles
  • 4-time UK Masters Champion
  • 2-time Home International Champion
  • World 9-Ball Champion
  • World 10-Ball Champion
  • 2-time US Open Champion
  • 2-time International Challenge of Champions Champion
  • World Masters Champion
  • 7-time Mosconi Cup Champion
  • 2-time Derby City Straight Pool Champion
  • 2010 Player of the Year

Special Accomplishments:

  • 2013 World Ranked #1
  • World Record Holder Straight Pool 200 not out

Trivia & Fun Facts

  • Uses open bridge for 95% of shots
  • He used to stammer a lot in his teens. He used to be afraid to do the interviews because of it. Now he has improved and has the confidence to face the cameras and loves doing the interviews.
  • Raised over $30,000 for different charities over the years
  • Continues to raise money for British wheelchair players
  • Also raises money for Prince of Wales Hospice cancer patients
  • Wants to set up his own foundation in the future
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